Explore customizing the transparency capabilities of Archetype Glass’ Quarterly Subscription Program’s 2023 First Quarter Collection

With our Quarterly Subscription Program’s First Quarter Collection still in mind, this week we’re taking an in-depth look at one of the four samples included in this quarter’s collection – our 50% Allowable Light Transmittance sample.

Incorporating our Interpainted Glass™, this sample demonstrates our ability to customize the transparency of our laminated glass. This example represents an ALT (allowable light transmittance) of 50%, but transmittance is available from fully transparent through to fully opaque.

QSP in-depth: exploring transparency in the Quarterly Subscription Program 2023 First Quarter Collection

A rendering of how our 50% allowable light transmittance (ALT) sample included in our QSP First Quarter Collection is viewed in this design setting.


Ideal for double-sided applications like glass partition walls or frameless glass doors when designing sequestered private spaces, our Interpainted Glass™ is also ideal when backlit and used in “glowing” single-sided applications.  For example, our nearly opaque white Interpainted Glass™ was used as backlit wall cladding in our 3 Columbus Circle project in downtown New York; visit our project description in our online project portfolio here.

An example of a nearly completely opaque interpainted glass with a glowing backlight effect, demonstrating the customizable transparency of our Interpainted glass from Archetype Glass' Quarterly Subscription Program's First Quarter Collection

A detail view of the custom glass wall cladding at 3 Columbus Circle, crafted by Archetype Glass

Two views of our white Interpainted Glass™ in an installed application, here, in a nearly completely opaque back-lit application at our 3 Columbus Circle project in New York.


Also, although this quarter’s collection includes a white sample, our Interpainted Glass™ is available in any custom color.

Visit our QSP First Quarter Collection blog article for detailed information, product specs, as well as additional product and installation imagery: https://archetypeglass.com/2023-q1-qsp/ .