Custom laminated antique mirror, uniquely available from Archetype Glass.

This quarter, our Quarterly Subscription Program’s Second Quarter Collection features solutions from our Antique Mirror line.

Archetype’s Antique Mirror instantly adds old-world ambiance and vintage character to any space.  With a selection of unique yet entirely customizable patinas, adding vintage warmth with a nostalgic aesthetic is easier than ever.

Archetype Glass' custom laminated antique mirror with fluted surface glass, part of the 2024 QSP First Quarter CollectionCustom laminated antique mirror, with fluted surface glass, is part of the Archetype Glass Quarterly Subscription Program's 2024 First Quarter Collection

A sample of Archetype Glass’ Custom Laminated Antique Mirror, featuring a fluted surface glass treatment


Customize this glass

We offer countless customization options to achieve extraordinary effects with laminated antique mirror.  Choose your surface texture, custom color or graphic interlayer, and level of reflectivity to create a truly one-of-a-kind look and feel.


  • Choose your one-of-a-kind patina
  • Customize or screen the level of reflectivity
  • Tint your mirror to match any color
  • Layer with printed graphics or pattern for added texture


Archetype Glass' Custom laminated antique mirror, with fluted surface glass,, included in the Q2 2024 QSP

Archetype Glass’ custom laminated Antique Mirror in-situ.


Ideal applications and Design Inspiration
  • Glass wall cladding
  • Elevator cabs
  • Decorative features


See Our complete line of custom laminated antique mirror

Our public online materials library has over a dozen examples of our custom laminated antique mirror; view those samples here.  But don’t forget, our private online materials library exclusively for interior designers and architects has many more.  Register now for exclusive access to those samples.

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