"You simply can't find this anywhere else."

Our solutions


Why choose Archetype Glass’ custom laminated architectural glass for your next design project?  Quite simply, we have a design solution for any space or design challenge.

Archetype Glass crafted the custom laminated graphic glass partition walls at the Kimpton Hotel Allegro

Textured Art Glass

When the materials used in a space are themselves pieces of art, that's the difference Archetype Glass makes. From custom textures, patterns, and interlay materials, Archetype's Custom Art Glass can complete a space on its own.

Archetype Glass' proprietary custom laminated Interpainted Color Glass in Aesop West Loop's retain interior design

Interpainted Color Glass ™

Elegant in its simplicity - limitless in it's ability to precisely match any color palette. Archetype Glass' proprietary Interpainted Color Glass ™ offers unlimited options for matching your precise specifications.

A view of the Archetype Glass crafted custom laminated fabric and metal glass in the Conrad Washington Hotel

Fabric and Metal Glass

Limited only by your choice of fabric or metal medium, Archetype Glass' custom fabric and metal laminated glass deliver texture and dimension to any space.

Custom laminated decorative mirrors by Archetype Glass

Decorative Mirrors

With unlimited color options, and the ability to include custom screens and textures, Archetype Glass are masters at creating custom decorative mirrors.

Custom laminated architectural frosted glass at the Hakkasan Bar by Archetype Glass

Frosted Glass

With nearly limitless options for colors and levels of transparency, Archetype Glass' custom laminated frosted glass is the perfect material for separating spaces for privacy while maintaining light transmittance, or creating glowing effects with touchable texture in cladding and feature walls.

Archetype Glass' custom graphic glass mirrored wall cladding for the Fendi Diffa Design charity benefit

Graphic Glass

From artwork, photographic images, through to abstract designs, Archetype Glass' custom laminated graphic glass delivers the visual elements your interior design needs.

Artisanal craftsmanship with industrial efficiency

Our capabilities

At Archetype Glass, crafting custom laminated glass for our interior designer, architect, and contractor partners is the only thing we do.  For us, it’s a set of specialized skills that sets us apart in the industry; for our project partners, it means having the confidence that the materials we provide for your project are one-of-a-kind, and crafted to your exacting specifications.

Creating the perfect glass


Laminating glass is all we do.  As industry leaders in custom laminated glass, and with proprietary processes that other manufacturers simply can’t recreate, our custom laminated glass solutions offer the endlessly customizable glass your project demands.  From hand-blown and rolled textures, decorative colored mirrors, graphics and high-definition large format prints and photographs, etched glass, fabrics and woven metals, Interpainted™ and back painted colored glass, all with an unlimited selection of light transmitting densities, your options are only limited by your imagination.


What’s more, we love a good challenge – have a design in mind that requires a custom laminated layer?  We’ll innovate the process to ensure we can bring your vision to life.

Any custom shape, any custom hole or perforation

Custom waterjet cutting

With our in-house industrial waterjet cutting table, we’re able to create any shape of custom laminated glass your design calls for.  Need delicately slotted, perforated, or holed glass?  Our expert glass cutters can create whatever custom laminated glass your design specifies.

Any color from any palette

Custom color matching

Since our custom laminated glass is crafted to your exacting specifications, you have the ability to color-match our glass to perfectly accent your design.  From market-leading paint manufacturer paint codes through to specific Pantone colors, our glass is literally your palette.

One-of-a-kind, crafted to your exacting specifications

Custom design

What other manufacturers offer as custom is what we create every day.  At Archetype Glass, custom doesn’t mean “more expensive” or “time consuming”; for us, it means getting exactly the architectural glass the vision for your design or project demands.

Supporting you throughout the entire project

Personalized installation consultation

At Archetype Glass, we don’t simply manufacture custom laminated glass – we partner with our interior designer, architect, and contractor partners to ensure the success of your design.  By intimately understanding your design’s unique needs, and by internalizing and capturing your vision in our custom products, our team is a partner in your project’s success.

Strong, safety rated, and durable


Our custom laminated glass is fabricated for safety.  As a standard, all of Archetype Glass’ product are fabricated to meet or exceed the ANSI Z97.1 Category II safety glazing rating.  By adding tempering to our lamination processes our products open an array of opportunities for the interior design, architecture, and construction communities.  From frameless glass doors, glass handrails to glass flooring, our patented DecraLite® system allows the use of a full range of hand-blown and thin art glasses that are not temperable to be used in applications that require tempered glass.