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Archetype Glass’ Quarterly Subscription Program (QSP) distributes a select collection of custom laminated glass samples to qualified subscribed architects and interior designers, every quarter. Not only do our QSP packages continually add to your in-house materials library, but they’re also the best way to discover the latest custom laminated glass solutions being crafted by Archetype Glass.

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Our projects

We've been busy

As one of America’s only custom laminated decorative and architectural glass manufacturers, our skills and products are highly in demand.  Explore a sample of the projects we’ve helped make successful with our interior designer, architect, and contractor partners.

Asplundh Cancer Pavilion

Archetype Glass crafted the custom laminated glass doors and partition walls at Asplundh Cancer Pavilion.

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Kimpton Hotel Allegro

Archetype Glass was commissioned to craft the elegant custom art glass partition walls at the Kimpton Hotel Allegro.

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Aesop West Loop

Archetype Glass created the custom laminated glass wall cladding for Aesop West Loop.

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Why Archetype Glass?

A commitment to your project's success

It's simple: through a combination of custom and one-of-a-kind glass products unavailable anywhere else, delivered with our unrelenting dedication to responsive and accessible client service, Archetype Glass is the committed partner helping America's interior design leaders achieve their visions.


Every solution we create is one-of-a-kind. Not only does that ensure your design will be unique - it also means we can create exactly what your vision, and your clients' vision, calls for.

Trendsetters of laminated glass

Through a unique and proprietary process that laminates multiple layers of glass and mediums, our design solutions are impossible to find anywhere else.

Boutique service

With Archetype, our partners always receive the "white glove" treatment. We pride ourselves on becoming active stakeholders in your project's success through our dedicated and always-accessible client and project support.

Endless customization

From highly specific spot-colors to custom imagery and artwork to matching fabrics with your space's furnishings, if you can imagine it, we can create it.

Committed to your success

Our Mission is simple: we craft unique interior decorative laminated glass solutions that supports America’s leading design partners to successfully create inspiring spaces.


We may not always be the "low cost option," but we're certainly the manufacturer that delivers the highest product and service value available.


Our latest news

Discover our latest product announcements, team updates and project news, and read the latest edition of our Reflections newsletter on our blog.