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The Spa at the Hotel Crescent Court

Artistic glass creations come to life at the Hotel Crescent Court

Archetype Glass was proud to work with designer Michelle Meredith & Associates on this custom glass project for The Spa at the Hotel Crescent Court, part of a 22,000 square foot revamping of the hotel’s existing spa and fitness center. Archetype’s glasswork, which is centered in the Crescent Spa lobby and nail salon, includes beautiful partition panels and a one-a-kind frameless door — both of which were specially designed to match the existing high-end features of the space.

A modern haven of serenity

Etched glass and unique natural elements highlight the rejuvenating purpose of the Crescent Spa and reinforce its calming atmosphere. Referred to as the “true ‘jewelry’ of the project” by designer Michelle Meredith, Archetype’s glasswork serves as one of the key finishing touches on the hotel’s stunning remodel, a project that helped reinforce the Hotel Crescent Court’s reputation as a luxury haven deep in the heart of Dallas.