New custom laminated fabric glass featuring Spatial Element material added to the Archetype Glass public Product Library.

For our first Product Focus of 2023, Archetype Glass is proud to announce a new custom laminated fabric glass solution has been added to our Product Library: our “Shinrin” laminated fabric glass, featuring custom fabric from bespoke material purveyor Spatial Element.

A wine-colored sample of the new barely transparent custom fabric glass in coordination with Spatial Element.

By way of a new lamination process not available anywhere else, Archetype Glass has incorporated this stunning three dimensional pleated and folded fabric from Spatial Element into our new “Shinrin” laminated glass solution.  Delicately incorporating a beautiful wine-colored sheer fabric artistically pleated and folded in a random pattern as a laminated interlayer, the “Shinrin” solution offers diffused opacity and ample light transmission, making it perfect for semi-transparent partition walls and frameless glass doors.

Our exclusive collaboration with Donna Glubo-Schwartz and Spatial Element was announced on our blog last year; discover more about our collaboration in our announcement here.

Visit our public Product Library, including the “Shinrin” product page for additional product information and to request samples.