This double-sided custom laminated glass is perfect for interior designers for custom glass partition walls and custom glass frameless doors.

Spring arrives this weekend, but with the winter storm warning issued for the areas around the Archetype Glass workshop this weekend, we’re reminded that winter still isn’t done with us yet.  Fittingly, this week’s newly launched laminated glass solution – “Frosted Silverlake” – is undoubtedly taking its muse from the last of the winter weather.

A thumbnail of Archetype Glass' Frosted Silverlake custom laminated glass, perfect for custom glass partition walls and custom frameless glass doors

One of our more unique panels, this double-sided frosted float glass features a unique squared pattern composed of fabric and metal, with optimal translucency to ensure light can continue to flow through.

Visit the “Frosted Silverlake” product page for more product images, as well as our public Product Library for a selection of other Archetype Glass custom laminated interior design glass solutions.

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