New dedicated Relationship Manager for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to assist Northeastern clients with Archetype Glass’ custom laminated glass solutions.

Over the last year, while our industry was “paused” during the pandemic, we took advantage of the time on our hands to review and optimize our approach to client relationships to make their experience with us even better.

New dedicated in-house Relationship Manager Ed Fackler

Previously, to request a sample of our custom laminated glass, or to request a quote for your project, you’ve likely dealt with our outside sales representative. Moving forward, Archetype Glass is very pleased to announce our launching of a new dedicated in-house team to service our clients in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Meet Ed Fackler, Archetype Glass’ new dedicated Relationship Manager.

How does this benefit you? With Ed as your new in-house Rep:

  • We’ll be able to provide more responsive support with product information, quotes, and sample requests.
  • Plus, since our solutions are customized to your exacting specs, our in-house team is able to provide direct access to the technical product knowledge you need.

Get to know Ed

Bringing over 20 years of industry experience to the role, and with much of that time spent as Archetype Glass’ product expert and Relationship Manager serving our Mid-West and Westcoast clients, Ed is one of our team’s most knowledgeable custom laminated glass product experts.  Clearly a man of balance, when Ed isn’t on Archetype business you can find him either competing in ultra-long distance/ultra marathon competitions, or, indulging his passion for Pennsylvania’s world renown snack food industry with a near-“sommelier” level of expertise.

If you need project support or have questions about our custom laminated glass solutions, connect with Ed at or 717-244-5240 ext. 114.