New site features an extensive online product library, inspiring project imagery, and a new blog

At Archetype Glass, “crafting” is what we do.  By crafting beautiful and one-of-a-kind laminated architectural glass solutions we proudly empower America’s leading interior designers to achieve the vision they have for their clients’ spaces.

With many of our clients’ projects on hold last year, we turned our insatiable need to craft inwards and embraced the opportunity to reconceptualise and redesign our website.  Now featuring a number of enhancements, here’s what’s new:

  • Expanded Product Library: Most notably, our new website features a massively expanded product library now featuring hundreds of examples of our custom laminated glass solutions.  With powerful search options to view our products by glass type, color, interlayer material, texture, light transmittance and price, you’re certain to find a product to achieve your design’s objective.
  • Blog: One of the most exciting additions to our new site is our blog.  With new products being announced every month, and with new regular features including Client Spotlights and Project Highlights every other month, there’s sure to be news to help inspire your next project.  Don’t forget to visit our Contact Us page to subscribe to our new newsletter to have the latest news delivered to your inbox.
  • Imagery: Our site’s new layout puts the important things first – namely, creating a visual experience that leads with the stunning imagery of our products and the spaces you can find them in.
  • Capabilities: At Archetype Glass, our capabilities are much deeper than simply being one of America’s leading laminated glass manufacturers.  With expertise spanning custom water jet cutting, color matching, tempering and endless lamination options, our ability to craft a solution to your exacting specifications is nearly a certainty.
  • Culture: Perhaps most importantly, our new site focuses on the single most important element that differentiates Archetype Glass from the rest of our industry: our culture. Proudly, our new Mission statement – which guides our efforts every day – has inspired the design of our new site.

We invite you to visit our new site to experience our new home yourself.  And be sure to check back frequently – each week we’ll be adding more products to our library; plus, with our latest news posted to our blog regularly, it’s sure to be the best place to keep abreast with the latest at Archetype Glass..

Thanks for your visit – it’s great to get reintroduced.