For our industry partners who might not have been introduced yet, Archetype Glass’ Quarterly Subscription Package (QSP) distributes to subscribed architects and interior designers a select collection of custom laminated glass finishes samples every quarter.  With the arrival of spring, the team at Archetype Glass is proud to announce the arrival of our Q2 2022 Quarterly Subscription Package Collection.

This quarter, the QSP collection features four light and spring-inspired custom laminated glass solutions with a variety of textures and colors, each uniquely suited for custom glass wall finishes, glass partition walls, frameless glass doors, and nearly any other interior design application.

In the coming weeks we’ll be dedicating individual posts to each solution in the Q2 collection; in the meantime, if you’d like a sneak peek at this quarter’s finishes, visit our blog’s dedicated QSP section.

If you’re an interior designer or architect and you’re not already subscribed to receive our QSP samples for your materials library, be sure to reach out to us to see if you’re eligible to be added to our complimentary subscription; we’d love to hear from you through our Contact Us page.