Fabrication Details

Edge Condition

Custom edge finishing options are available depending on the glass application and installation requirements. Clean cut, ground or polished edges are available.

Hardware Preparation

Your glass will arrive on site ready to be installed. Just supply an electronic file or dimensioned drawing and we will drill the holes and/or cut-outs needed for your installation hardware.

Shaped Panels

By thinking outside the box, sometimes the need arises for glass beyond the rectangle. Archetype’s capabilities include cutting, laminating and finishing shaped glass according to your specifications supplied by electronic file, dimensioned drawing or template.

Size Limitations

Glass panel size limitations will vary depending on which glass type is being used. We specialize in laminating oversized decorative art glass.

Glass Thickness

Various glass applications require specific glass thicknesses. We offer most laminated glass combinations in thickness ranging from 5/16”
up to 1”.

Please contact us to discuss what is available for your specific glass requirements.