Archetype Glass are custom laminated fabric glass experts…and maybe even tie dye experts too.

Our industry partner Donna Glubo-Schwartz and her gorgeous folded fabrics from Spatial Element (revisit the announcement of our exclusive collaboration on our blog here: ) recently inspired the team at Archetype Glass to flex our own fabric-centric designs at our recent Tie Dye Team Picnic.

The team at Archetype Glass indulges in a little team building tie dye fun


One of Archetype Glass' tie dye creations in the works


Our clients and industry partners likely know we love to have fun and foster a collegial culture, and as amazing as our tie dye creations look, we agree we’ll keep the fabric design to the experts like Spatial Element.

Sincere thanks to Paul Weber, President of Archetype Glass for hosting and encouraging this fun and amazing event!