Introducing an innovative pleated and folded fabric medium for our laminated glass as the feature for our July 2022 Quarterly Subscription Package

Folded and pleated fabric artwork laminated within glass now available only at Archetype Glass

Our clients and industry partners already appreciate Archetype Glass as one of the Northeastern United States’ most creative manufacturers of laminated interior glass solutions.  Through our unique and innovative lamination process, we’re able to incorporate a nearly endless combination of textures, colors, patterns and graphic mediums to create one-of-a-kind interior glass solutions for America’s visionary interior designers and architects.

Starting in July, Archetype Glass is proud to announce the launch of a new exclusive collaboration with one of America’s foremost avant-garde fabric artists: Donna Glubo-Schwartz, owner and Principal Designer at Spatial Element.  By way of a new lamination process not available anywhere else, Archetype Glass will now be able to incorporate Spatial Element’s stunning three dimensional pleated and folded fabric artwork in our laminated glass, creating an entirely new portfolio of materials to help interior designers and architects bring their visions to life.

Close shot of a cream pleated fabric sample from Spatial Element, now in exclusive collaboration with Archetype Glass

A sample detail of Spatial Element’s exquisite pleated fabric, now available for lamination within Archetype Glass’ custom laminated fabric glass.
An exclusive collaboration: discover Donna Glubo-Schwartz and Spatial Element

Donna Glubo-Schwartz received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has taught at the Missouri State University in both the Art and Fashion Departments. Shortly after graduating, Donna opened Spatial Element, successfully completing many projects in major US airports, casinos in Las Vegas, hotels, restaurants, residential lobbies, as well as health care and corporate locations. Her work has also been juried into the international resource material library Material Connexion.

Spatial Element designs and produces colorful and vibrant custom made fabric.  The studio’s specialty is producing sculptural fabrics, utilizing the Japanese technique of Shibori – the art of manipulating fabric through folding, pinching, blocking, dyeing and stitching fabric to effect the surface of the material.  All pieces are one-of-a-kind and hand formed.  With the start of this new and exclusive collaboration, these unique three-dimensional pieces can now be incorporated into Archetype Glass’ laminated glass interior design solutions.

A green fabric sculpture from Spatial Element, now in exclusive collaboration with custom laminated glass manufacturer Archetype Glass

One of Donna Glubo-Schwartz’s stunning folded fabric sculptures – Inspiration for Archetype Glass’ new folded and pleated custom laminated fabric glass.
The July 2022 Quarterly Subscription Package (QSP) sample collection, featuring Spatial Element

For our industry partners who might not have been introduced yet, Archetype Glass’ Quarterly Subscription Package (QSP) distributes to subscribed architects and interior designers a select collection of custom laminated glass finishes samples every quarter.  With the announcement of our new collaboration with Spatial Element, the team at Archetype Glass is proud to feature the studio’s work as the focus of our July 2022 Quarterly Subscription Package Collection.

A rendering of Archetype Glass' new custom laminated fabric glass featuring custom folded and pleated fabrics from Spatial Element

A rendering of Archetype Glass’ new custom laminated fabric glass featuring bespoke pleated and folded fabrics from Spatial Element.

If you’re an interior designer or architect and you’re not already subscribed to receive our QSP samples for your materials library, be sure to reach out to us to see if you’re eligible to be added to our complimentary subscription; we’d love to hear from you through our Contact Us page.

Architects and Interior Designers can receive our custom laminated glass materials library subscription through our Quarterly Subscription Package